GuidanceResources: Back to School Planning

GR_BackToSchool_380x202Whether your child is beginning kindergarten, moving up to middle school or returning for another year of high school, the transition back to school requires an adjustment. To help ease the stress or anxiety of the transition, consider the following tips:

Prepare in advance. Know what to expect and how daily routines will change. Mapping out a morning schedule or laying out clothing in advance may be helpful.

Get up earlier. Start the new morning routine a couple of days before the first day back to school to help adjust to the new routine.

Arrive early. Getting a head start on the first day will help your kids to settle in.

Talk about feelings. Encourage children to describe how they feel about the new year and try to ease any fears they may have.

Express interest. Listen to your child’s viewpoint, even if it is difficult to hear.

Beginning something new can be stressful and adjustments take a lot of concentration and effort. How adults handle such transitions can set the stage for how well a child adjusts to his or her own challenges later in life. Help children adapt by making preparations in advance, clearly explaining the changes about to take place and listening if they express doubts or fears.

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