GuidanceResources: Back to School Prep

The end of summer signals the beginning of a new school year and a return to the classroom for kids everywhere. No matter which grade your child is entering, it is important to prepare properly for this annual transition. Here are some tips on how to get a head start:

Check up on your child’s health: Take your child to see the doctor and dentist for an exam before the first day of class.

Create a budget: Think about which supplies and other items your child will need, such as a daily hot lunch or fresh milk in the cafeteria, and budget accordingly.

Make a list of supplies: Consider which items you will need to purchase before the first day of school, such as clothing, shoes, backpacks and lunch boxes. When it comes to school supplies, make sure you have a list of what’s needed from your school before you shop.

Label belongings: Write your child’s name, address and phone number on the inside of his or her coat, backpack or bag and lunchbox. To keep your child safe, never write this information where strangers can see it.

Get a haircut: A new cut will help your child start the school year with a fresh and clean appearance.

Create a routine: Start an earlier, consistent bedtime routine at least a few days before the first day of school.

Help from Our EAP

No-cost, 24/7 confidential assistance is available to employees through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Our EAP is provided through GuidanceResources®. GuidanceResources can be reached at 1-844-285-1067, through the free GuidanceResources Now mobile app or register online at (See your Benefits Guide or contact the Benefits Team or your manager for the Organization Web ID.)

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