GuidanceResources: Benefits of Family Meals

Besides being a great way for family members to connect, eating meals together also helps teach children which foods are good for them and how much they should eat. Studies show that family meals have many other positive effects on children, including:

  • Higher intake of essential nutrients
  • Less snacking on unhealthy foods
  • Positive effects on the learning processes, including increased focus, better school performance, improved language skills development and a higher level of vocabulary
  • Reduced depression and anxiety
  • More positive sense of self
  • Better resistance to negative peer pressure
  • Less likelihood of using alcohol or drugs

Family meals are a great time to provide excellent examples of values and manners to your children. It is as easy as displaying the manners yourself and sharing stories that demonstrate the values you place importance on.

For even more benefits, get your kids involved in shopping for and preparing family meals. Cooking builds self esteem and teaches important skills, such as math, reading, science and fine motor abilities. In the kitchen, you can experience quality time together, create closer bonds and cherished memories—and improve the quality of your meals at the same time.

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