Kansas and Wisconsin Flooding

In addition to the states of emergency in Nebraska and Iowa, Kansas and Wisconsin have also declared states of emergency in response to extensive flooding. Warmer temperatures are expected this week, which will contribute to a rapidly melting snowpack and ice jams in both states, meaning rivers and streams may rise at very rapid rates. Governor Kelly of Kansas issued a state of Emergency in Doniphan County, Kansas and Governor Evers of Wisconsin issued a statewide State of Emergency in Wisconsin due to flooding, or potential flooding.

Optum is offering a free emotional support help line for all people impacted. This help line will provide those affected access to specially trained mental health specialists. The company’s public toll-free help line number, 866-342-6892, will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for as long as necessary. This service is free of charge and open to anyone. Specially trained Optum mental health specialists help people manage their stress and anxiety so they can continue to address their everyday needs. Callers may also receive referrals to community resources to help them with specific concerns, including financial and legal matters.

Along with the toll-free help line, emotional-support resources and information are available online at www.liveandworkwell.com. View the Important Communications alert on www.liveandworkwell.com near the bottom of the member home page for local resources.

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