Spare Tire Week Seven: Contest Midpoint and Healthy Summer Foods

Congratulations to our Midpoint Weigh-In raffle winners! Winners were announced and notified by email.

The many celebrations of summer – graduations, holidays, and barbecues – can make weight loss/weight maintenance challenging.  Yet this season also offers  plentiful fresh fruit and vegetables to keep things healthy and delicious.  Check out these summertime options including recipes and health benefits that will empower you to ditch the chips: Eight Healthy Summer Foods to Add to Your Diet

Weigh in weekly
Remember, the Spare Tire Contest is a journey; stay positive and stay on track by submitting your weight online each week. It’s easy! The weigh-in site is open from Tuesday to Friday (except for the final weigh-in) for your convenience and accessible via the Knowledge Center and in the weekly email sent to all participants.

The 2019 Spare Tire Contest runs from April 16 – June 25, 2019. This voluntary weight-loss competition for full-time employees can help you commit to long-term health choices and an active lifestyle. To help motivate the contestants, we’re providing weekly tips for eating healthy and burning more calories. For more details on the contest, see the Spare Tire page here. Even more details are accessible from the Knowledge Center at your work location.

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