• June 12, 2021

Delta Dental: Women’s Oral Health

May is Women’s Health Month and a great time to focus on the unique oral health issues women may face throughout their lifetime. As hormone levels change, women may be more vulnerable to dental diseases. This makes it especially important to maintain regular dental checkups and good oral health habits. Learn more about the hormone changes women experience during puberty, pregnancy and menopause and why it’s important for women to be proactive about regular dental care during every life stage with this article from the Delta Dental Blog.

Delta Dental of Illinois offers several oral health resources and tools at YourOralHealthHub.com for oral health education and wellness including:

  • Delta Dental of Illinois Blog
    Valuable oral health information to help improve your oral health.
  • Ask a Dentist
    Ask your oral health questions online.
  • myDentalScore
    An online risk assessment tool that generates an easy to understand oral health report you can use to start conversations with your dentist.
  • Grin!
    A quarterly subscriber magazine filled with oral health tips, a mouth-friendly recipe and more!
  • Oral Health Articles
    An array of oral health information is available here including oral health flyers with bite-sized information that can be downloaded, oral health information by life stage, recent survey findings and smile-worthy recipes.

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