• June 12, 2021

Employee Resources

The Safety of Our People and Our Customers is always our first consideration.

As COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, more and more businesses are opening and people are beginning to resume some of their pre-COVID-19 activities. It is extremely important for you to remember, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Be sure to protect yourself, your family, your coworkers and our customers by following social distancing guidelines at work AND in your personal life.

Precautions You Should Take

  • Review the Self Health Assessment EVERYDAY prior to coming to work and follow all established Company guidelines for COVID-19 at work.
  • Outside of work, follow the guidelines imposed by your local, state, territorial, and/or tribal health and safety laws, rules and regulations.
  • Practice good hygiene, stay home when you are sick, practice social distancing and use a face covering when possible in community settings.
  • Continue to assess the current conditions to decide whether you should postpone, cancel or reduce the number of attendees for any planned gatherings.
  • When in isolation, stay isolated. Do not participate in non-essential activities during isolation periods.
Know Your Risks

Lowest Risk

Attending virtual activities/events, such as Facetime, Zoom Meetings, Skype, Teams meetings

More Risk

Outdoor in-person gatherings with a small number of people from the same local area, such as your neighbors, friends or family that live near you

Higher Risk

In-person gatherings allowing for individuals to social distance at least 6 feet apart, but individuals may attend from outside your local area, such as small to medium sized weddings, family reunions, barbecues, limited seating restaurants

Highest Risk

In-person gatherings of a large number of people where social distancing is not always possible and may include individuals from outside the local area, such as bars, large social gatherings/rallies, sporting events

Tips to Remember

  • The more people you interact with, the higher your risk of becoming infected.
  • The larger the group at a gathering/event, the higher your risk of becoming infected.
  • The longer your interactions are with people, the higher your risk of becoming infected.
  • The higher the rate of community transmission, the higher your risk of becoming infected.

Your activities outside of work may affect the health and safety of your family, loved ones and coworkers.

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COVID-19 and Unemployment Information by State

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Questions about COVID-19?

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Changes to my Benefits

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 Staying Safe

The Safety of Our People and Customers is always our first consideration. Be sure to practice the 3 C’s.

Family Resources

Learn more about resources available to help your family, including: child and elder care, educational and family friendly activities, expecting parent resources, and more.

Additional COVID-19 Resources

Use these resources to find more national and global information about Coronavirus. (COVID-19), including statistics on infection rates.

Travel Information

The CDC recommends avoiding all non-essential travel, including within the United States. Visit the CDC travel pages for more information on essential travel and how to stay safe if you must travel.