Spare Tire Week 5

The Midpoint Weigh-In is Here! Be sure to weigh-in and revisit your initial goals for the contest to see if you are on track to meet your goals.

If you are having trouble staying on track with your exercise and weight loss routine, try these tips from the Mayo Clinic to help you stay motivated.

  1. Set goals (or adjust your current goals)
  2. Make it fun
  3. Make fitness part of your daily routine
  4. Put your goals on paper
  5. Join forces with others
  6. Reward yourself
  7. Be flexible

Read the full article Fitness: Tips for Staying Motivated for more detailed information about these tips and examples on how you can incorporate them into your routine. Refer back to them whenever you feel you may be losing motivation.

Weigh-ins and Support Resources
Remember, the Spare Tire Contest is a journey; stay positive and stay on track by submitting your weight online each week through the links in the weekly email sent to all participants. Weigh-in links and additional support resources are also available from your work location, on the Knowledge Center HR > Spare Tire page.

Be sure to check in with your doctor before making changes to your current diet or starting a new exercise routine. For more details on the contest, visit the Spare Tire page.