Spare Tire Week 7

Gardening can be a fun individual hobby, or one the whole family can enjoy together. Growing your own food is also a great motivator for incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Hydroponic gardening works by using water to deliver the nutrients the plant needs, instead of delivering nutrients through the soil like traditional gardening. Hydroponic gardening is more than just a cool new way to grow a few plants and many agricultural experts consider hydroponic gardening to be the future of food production. Hydroponic gardens can be grown almost anywhere, which allows you to grow nourishing food in previously unfarmable areas. Some benefits of hydroponic gardening include:

  • Grow indoors or outdoors
  • Less space needed
  • Grow year-round
  • Plants may grow faster and produce more
  • Use less water
  • Less pests and plant diseases

To learn more about hydroponic gardening and its benefits, read Miracle-Gro’s articles What Is Hydroponic Gardening? and Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening.

Looking for ways to incorporate your fresh garden vegetables into your diet? Try Fitness Blender’s Farro Summer Salad with Raspberry-Pepper Vinaigrette, which includes a variety of common garden vegetables. 

Weigh-ins and Support Resources
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Be sure to check in with your doctor before making changes to your current diet or starting a new exercise routine. For more details on the contest, visit the Spare Tire page.