Pet Insurance

My Pet Protection Plans:

We understand how unexpected vet expenses can become stressful when your family pets get sick or injured. Discount Tire offers My Pet Protection plans through Nationwide Pet Insurance.

How does the Pet Protection Plan work?

Simply take your pet to any vet, pay the invoice and submit your claim to Nationwide Pet Insurance. You’ll be reimbursed – by check or direct deposit – usually within ten days. Enrollment instructions:

  • Go to or call 1-877-738-7874. (NOTE: Pet insurance enrollment is NOT via Workday.) Mention DISCOUNT TIRE to get our exclusive plans with preferred pricing, based on the plan type and state you live in.
  • You may enroll at any time; there is a two-week set-up period before coverage starts.
  • Make your monthly premium payments directly to Nationwide Pet Insurance.
  • Reimbursement for vet bills up to 70%, with a $7,500 maximum per year, once you meet a $250 annual deductible
  • Optional coverage for preventive care, like shots and flea medicine
  • Boarding/kennel fees if a family member is hospitalized due to injury/illness
  • Advertising/reward fees for pets that go missing during the policy term
  • Pet replacement costs if a missing pet is not found within sixty(60) days
  • Mortality coverage for euthanization due to illness/injury and cremation/burial fees