Tuition Assistance Program

Part-time and full-time employees: realize your higher education dreams through tuition reimbursement! We recognize that your skills and knowledge are critical to the success of Discount Tire / America’s Tire / Discount Tire Direct / Tire Rack. The Tuition Assistance Program encourages employees’ personal development through limited reimbursement of eligible education expenses.

  • Tuition costs, required textbooks, and associated fees are eligible for reimbursement, up to designated limits
  • Choose from individual courses or courses that are part of a degree program
  • Classes must be offered from accredited colleges, universities or technical schools
  • Must have completed at least twelve months of employment prior to class/course start date
  • Must receive a passing grade of C or better to qualify for reimbursement (satisfactory completion)

“With more choices for what can be reimbursed, I’m very excited to participate in this program and take advantage of this benefit.”
—Nicole, Scottsdale, AZ

“The Company inspires us to further our education inside and outside the store. On the road to success, we put our people first!”
—Anthony, Corrales, NM

For complete program rules and information on how to participate:

  • Discount Tire employees should visit the Knowledge Center and choose Tuition Assistance from the Company > Learning menu.
  • Tire Rack employees should contact

NOTE: Yearly reimbursement limits are different depending on whether you are full-time or part-time status. Part-time employees must average at least 12 work hours per week to be eligible. Other restrictions may apply.