Heart Health

February is Heart Health Month! Organizations like the American Heart Association and the Heart Foundation are helping to put a spotlight on heart disease and education for keeping your heart healthy.

Your heart is an important muscle. Like all muscles, it needs to be exercised in order to stay strong. Additionally, the food you eat and whether or not you smoke can have direct impacts on the health and condition of your heart and blood vessels.

United Healthcare has a number of free, expert online articles and infographics geared for getting you up-to-speed and in-the-know on heart health and for living a heart healthy lifestyle. Access UHC’s Heart Health for links to these resources and to get started.

Heart Numbers
Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and BMI … where should my numbers be? For a healthy heart, all of these numbers matter, and for a variety of reasons. Access this one-page infographic (PDF) from UHC for a quick and easy look at what numbers to shoot for to keep a healthy heart.