Keep Yourself Smoke-Free

Keep Yourself Smoke-Free: How to get back on track after a slip-upIt’s tough to quit smoking for good. If you slipped up, don’t despair. You can use these tips to get back on track.

Don’t make excuses and don’t give up
Don’t think, “I had one, I might as well finish the pack.” Learning to be a nonsmoker is like learning to ride a bike: when you fall off, get right back on.

Learn from the experience
What caused you to slip up? Think of ways you could have avoided smoking to be prepared the next time.

Get support
Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669) for free phone counseling. You’ll talk to a trained quit coach in your state who can help you make a plan to avoid future slips.

Ask your doctor if you need more help
He or she may be able to prescribe medicine, advise you on nicotine replacement products or suggest other tools to help you avoid relapses.

Tobacco-Cessation2When a slip-up becomes a relapse
If you do relapse, remember that quitting smoking is a process. Use what you learned about what works and what doesn’t.
Then when you’re ready, you can quit again. And this might be the time you are finally able to quit for good.

But cigars are okay … right?
If you’re like many people, you might believe that cigars are safer than cigarettes. The truth is that cigars can be just as addictive and can cause some of the same cancers—lung, lips, tongue, mouth, throat, and esophagus—as cigarettes. Even if you don’t inhale, you are still seven to 10 times more likely than nonsmokers to develop cancer of the mouth and throat. On top of that, secondhand smoke from cigars can be more harmful than cigarettes and linger in the air longer.

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