QEC Guides

Once you are eligible to enroll in Qualified Essential coverage (QEC) benefits, an email notification about enrollment will be sent to your email address listed in Workday. Upon receiving notification, please click the appropriate state link below to review your Benefit Enrollment Guide and Summary Benefit Coverage (SBC).

For assistance with enrolling in your benefits, please follow the instructions in the QEC for Eligible Part-Time Employees Benefits Enrollment Workday Quick Reference Guide. Weekly premium rate information will be available when you login to Workday to review and complete your benefit enrollment. For help with adding dependents, please refer to the QEC for Eligible Part-Time Employees Adding Dependents Workday Quick Reference Guide

Benefit Enrollment Guides and Summary of Benefits (SBC)

Discount Tire - Employees in all states except Michigan and Wisconsin

United Healthcare Benefit Guide - all states except MI and WI


United Healthcare SBCs - all states except MI and WI

Discount Tire - Employees in Wisconsin Only

United Healthcare Benefit Guide - Wisconsin Only


United Healthcare SBCs - Wisconsin Only

Discount Tire - Employees in Michigan Only

Tire Rack - All Tire Rack Employees

Additional Health and Wellness Resources

Refer to our Health and Wellness Flyers for more information regarding the programs and services available through the company medical plan.