Seasoning with Healthy Herbs – Spare Tire 2023

Did you know that seasoning herbs can provide medicinal properties that may boost your overall health? Growing your own herbs may also be helpful for physical and mental health.

Check out this article, 9 Healthy Seasoning Herbs You Can Grow in Your Garden to learn how common culinary herbs, such as rosemary, mint, basil, and cilantro can assist with:

  • Reducing salt intake
  • Supporting immune function
  • Improving gut health
  • Lowering blood sugar levels, and more

If you are interested in gardening and/or growing your own herbs, Summer Winds Nursery, a local vendor partner for the Corporate Office, has physical locations in Arizona and California as well as offering a variety of helpful online resources, including articles on:

  • Garden Therapy – discusses the many ways gardening is good for both body and mind. 
  • Herb-Themed Gardens – describes different types of herb gardens, such as medicinal, culinary, wildlife, aromatherapy, or tea, and provides tips on getting started if you want to grow your own.

Weigh-ins and Support Resources
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Be sure to check in with your doctor before making changes to your current diet or starting a new exercise routine.