Spare Tire Contest

Welcome to the DISCOUNT TIRE Spare Tire Contest!

The 2021 Spare Tire Contest has ended, but please read through the information on this page to learn more about the contest, and for tips on getting and staying healthy. Registration information for the 2022 Spare Tire Contest will be sent out in spring of 2022. 

This ten week competition puts you on the Road to Wellness by helping you make smart nutritional choices and maintain an active lifestyle.

Looking for inspiration on your Spare Tire journey? Bookmark this page for easy access to the tips and motivation at the bottom of the page.

Registered Spare Tire Participants
This year’s contest runs from March 30 – June 8, 2021. Participants are encouraged to submit weight weekly online throughout the contest. Weigh-in links are included in weekly participant emails and are also on the Knowledge Center Spare Tire page.

  • Initial Weigh-In, Tuesday, March 30
    You MUST submit your weight online to be eligible for the final prizes.
  • Midpoint Weigh-In, Tuesday, May 4
    Submit your weight online.
  • Final Weigh-In, Tuesday, June 8
    You MUST submit your weight online to be eligible for the final prizes.

Weigh-in links are open Tuesday – Friday (closing at midnight on Friday each week), with the exception of the Initial and Final weigh-in links closing Wednesdays at midnight.

IMPORTANT: Weigh-ins and teams will look different for the 2021 Spare Tire. To promote social distancing all weigh-ins will be virtual, and if meeting as a team, virtual meetings are encouraged.

Good luck and have fun!

Not Participating in Spare Tire?
We invite you to follow along with the weekly posts. If you like what you see, plan to join the Spare Tire contest next year!

We look forward to seeing you on the journey to wellness!

2021 Spare Tire Contest Tips and Motivation: