Identity Theft Protection

Discount Tire has partnered with Aura to provide full-time employees with the opportunity to enroll in Identity Theft Protection. Enrolling in this plan may help reduce stress and provide protection for you and your family. The plan offers a comprehensive set of identity theft protection tools including $1M of insurance, multi-bureau real time credit monitoring, home title monitoring, proactive personal device and privacy protection, and more. If threats are detected, a dedicated case manager will help resolve your case and restore your identity.

NOTE: This benefit does not automatically roll over between plan years;  you must re-enroll every year during open enrollment.

Coverage Types

Individual – Coverage for you.

Family  – Family coverage includes you, your minor dependents, and up to 7 additional adults. Adults added to your family plan may include:

  • parents
  • children (age 18+)
  • spouses
  • domestic partners
  • roommates
  • extended family

When you enroll in family coverage and set up your account, you will be able to add minor children and additional adults through your personalized dashboard. Minor children will be managed through the employee’s dashboard. Adults added to your family plan will be sent a link to set up their own separate account. Information for other adults will not be managed or accessed through the employee’s dashboard.

Plan Features


  • Anti-adware
  • Anti-virus
  • E-mail solicitation/junk mail prevention
  • Robo-call/robo-text protection
  • Safe browsing extension
  • Safe browsing: anti-ransomware & anti-malware
  • VPN / WiFi security


  • $1 Million insurance with stolen funds reimbursement*
  • 401(k) & HSA reimbursement
  • Address monitoring
  • Auto-on monitoring
  • Compromised credentials scan
  • Court records monitoring
  • Criminal record monitoring
  • Cyberbullying monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Data broker list monitoring/removal
  • Device/cookie tracking protection
  • Fictitious identity monitoring
  • Home title monitoring
  • Human-sourced intelligence
  • Medical ID monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social security and ID authentication monitoring


  • End-to-end remediation
  • Mobile App
  • Online identity dashboard
  • U.S.-based customer care


  • Bank account transaction monitoring
  • Credit card monitoring
  • Debit card monitoring
  • Financial accounts monitoring
  • High-risk transaction monitoring
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Online accounts monitoring

POWERFUL FINANCIAL TOOLS all 3 credit bureaus

  • Annual credit report 
  • Credit bureau monitoring
  • Credit report lock
  • Credit score tracker
  • Monthly credit score
  • Near real-time alerts
  • Security freeze assistance
  • Student loan activity alerts

NOTE: Due to regulatory requirements, Aura will only be able to offer credit monitoring to adults with an established credit history. If you add an adult to your family plan that does not have an established credit history, their account will be cancelled, and the account holder will be notified. The impacted dependent may have access to a complementary, limited identity protection account that will not include credit monitoring.

*Identity Theft Insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group‚ Inc. The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms‚ conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms‚ conditions‚ and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.