QEC Open Enrollment

QEC Open Enrollment starts November 8

You will be mailed an Open Enrollment Guide if you qualify for QEC benefits.

Eligibility – Part-time employees averaging 30 or more hours per workweek, within the 12-month look back period, are eligible for QEC medical benefits.

We encourage you to review your 2022 QEC Benefits Guide and review the information on this page to help you make the best decisions about benefits for you and your family. Your guide also includes a handy FAQ section that gives further details about these benefits and how you can get the most from your medical benefits. 

When you complete your open enrollment event in Workday, be sure to consider the following:

  • Declare you are tobacco free to qualify for wellness rates, which lower the cost of your medical contribution. Keep in mind that you must declare you are tobacco free every year to qualify for Wellness Rates.
  • If you elect in the Health Savings Plan, be sure to elect the Health Savings Account. You may only enroll in the Health Savings Account if you are enrolled in the Health Savings Plan.
    NOTE: Health Savings Accounts do not automatically renew and must be elected every year.
What you need to do
  1. Log in to Workday November 8 through November 26.
  2. Open and Review your Open Enrollment Change event.
  3. Review your contact information, emergency contacts and dependent information.
  4. Submit your benefit elections by Friday, November 26.

Refer to the QEC Open Enrollment Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for step-by-step guided instructions for completing your open enrollment. For help with adding dependents, refer to the QEC Adding Dependents QRG.
Benefit Information

Click the images below to learn more about the benefits you will elect in Workday during Open Enrollment. Changes that will apply to these benefits for the 2022 plan year will be noted in BLUE on the benefit page.

Rate information is available in the 2022 Benefits Guide mailed to your home address. Rates will also be shown as you review/elect your benefits in Workday during Open Enrollment.


Other benefits available to you
The following benefits are offered by the Company, but do not need to be elected during Open Enrollment. Some eligibility requirements must be met to participate in some of the  Company’s additional benefits. Please visit the page for each benefit to learn more.

Contact the benefits team if you have questions about Open Enrollment or any of the other benefits offered by the Company.