BCBS Members: Baby Blueprints Maternity Education


To our expecting moms in Michigan enrolled in Blue Cross Blue Shield medical benefits:

If you are pregnant, join Baby Blueprints!

Expectant mothers who live a healthy lifestyle are more likely to have a healthy baby. But having a baby can be an overwhelming event filled with questions and confusion.

To help expectant mothers better understand every stage of pregnancy and make more informed care and lifestyle-related decisions, we are offering the Baby BluePrints maternity education and support program.

This free program provides members with access to in-depth educational information on all aspects of pregnancy through multiple online offerings. Baby BluePrints also gives participants access to individualized support throughout their pregnancy from a nurse Health Coach.

Enrolling in Baby BluePrints is convenient. Expectant mothers simply call toll-free at 1-866-918-5267 to enroll over the phone. They will then receive a confirmation mailing with helpful pregnancy tips.


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