Heart Healthy Exercise Tips

Are you ready to exercise?

  • Heart Health ExerciseAny new exercise plan should start with a visit to your doctor.
  • Discuss whether you’re ready to start getting more active.
  • If you have a health condition or a disability, ask if you should take any special precautions when you exercise.
  • If you smoke, set a quit date so you can get even more benefit from an exercise routine.

Exercise at home or at a gym?

  • Exercising at home is more economical and convenient for many people. But it requires self-discipline. You can easily be distracted by household needs that seem more pressing.
  • A club or gym costs more, but it offers the stimulation of other people. In addition, most clubs offer a range of activities.
  • Don’t forget your friends and neighbors. They may want to form a walking club or join you in a new physical activity.
  • What’s at play here is your exercise personality. Find the activity you enjoy and the setting where you’ll be most comfortable.

Have you set realistic exercise goals?

  • Many people make the mistake of jumping into vigorous exercise in the hopes of faster results.
  • If you start out too hard, you could get overly tired and discouraged.
  • It takes time to build stamina, and it takes willpower to stick to a routine.
  • A slow and steady start can help you stay with your plan for the long haul and avoid burnout.