UPDATED: Stretching for On-the-job Health

Across our stores, warehouses, call centers and offices, we have many types of jobs, all with varying levels of physical activity. If you find yourself sitting to do your work more often than not, your job may fall into a category known as sedentary.

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), sedentary work “involves mainly sitting; though occasional walking, standing, and lifting (no more than 10 pounds) may be necessary to carry out duties.” A sedentary job may have negative health effects, such as:

  • back and shoulder pain
  • diabetes
  • metabolic syndrome
  • obesity
  • chronic diseases

What may be most surprising is that workers in these types of jobs may be at risk for these conditions, even if they regularly exercise during their free time.*

How to stay healthy in a sedentary job
To help combat the possible negative effects of sedentary work, review the following links on stretching at work … get moving!

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*Get more information from NIOSH at the CDC’s website: