The Care You Need, When You Need It

With online doctor visits, urgent care centers and more, comparing your care options for quality, cost and convenience could end up saving you a lot of time, money and frustration.

When you need care, call your primary care physician or family doctor first.

Your physician has easy access to your records, knows the bigger picture of your health and may even offer same-day appointments to meet your needs.

Don’t have a primary care physician?

It’s easy to find a UnitedHealth Premium Care Physician, a physician who meets UHC’s criteria for providing quality and cost-efficient care. Just go to and click on “Find a Doctor.” Choose smart – look for the two blue hearts.

What if my primary care physician isn’t available?

When seeing your physician is not possible, check the Quick Care Options below to help you find the place that’s right for you and to help you avoid any financial surprises. Learn more and compare your choices at

Quick Care Options:

Virtual Visits
Anywhere, anytime online doctor visits; now available at

Convenience Care Clinic
Average cost* $100.

Urgent Care Center
Average cost* $180.

Emergency Room (ER)
For serious immediate needs; average cost* $2,200.

Freestanding ERs
Many people have been surprised by their bill after visiting a freestanding emergency room (FSER). FSERs, sometimes referred to as urgency centers, can be two times the cost of an ER and twenty times the cost of an Urgent Care Center. Neither located in nor attached to a hospital, FSERs are able to treat similar conditions as an ER but do not have an ER’s ability to admit patients. Ask before you enter:

  • Is this an urgent care center or an ER?
  • Is this facility a network provider?

*Information about treatment costs are estimates and reflect the average costs of guidance and care delivered through UnitedHealthcare owned and contracted service providers to members of UnitedHealthcare health plans. Costs for specific guidance and treatments may be higher or lower than the costs represented here. Emergency room cost estimates include facility charge and initial physician consultation.

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